Libya, more air surveillance from the United States

TRIPOLI (LIBIA) (MNA/ITALPRESS) – A United States Triton drone was observed monitoring the Libyan coasts near Al-Khums, Tripoli, and Zuwara. The information was shared by the Italian military radar in a post on the “X” platform. According to the radar data, the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) was patrolling the coastal areas, highlighting ongoing surveillance operations in the region. The exact purpose of the drone’s mission remains undisclosed, but such activities are typically associated with monitoring maritime security and gathering intelligence. The presence of the U.S. drone underscores the continued international interest in the stability and security of Libya, particularly in light of recent political and security developments in the country. The use of advanced UAVs like the Triton, which is capable of long-endurance flights and high-altitude surveillance, signifies a significant investment in maintaining situational awareness over the Mediterranean Sea and the Libyan coastline. Libya has been in chaos since a NATO-backed uprising toppled longtime leader Muammar Gaddafi in 2011. The county has for years been split between rival administrations. The conflict has led to a significant humanitarian crisis in Libya, with thousands of people killed, and many more displaced. Migrants and refugees using Libya as a transit point to Europe have also faced dire conditions. Despite the ceasefire, security remains a significant concern with sporadic fighting and the presence of mercenaries and foreign fighters. The unification of the military and the removal of foreign forces are crucial challenges.


Foto: Ipa Agency

Source: medNews