Malta, uncovered €13 million worth of cannabis resin destined for Libya

LA VALLETTA (MALTA) (ITALPRESS/MNA) – The Maltese authorities uncovered €13 million worth of cannabis resin concealed within industrial ovens destined for Libya.

The discovery followed a thorough risk assessment, leading customs officials at the Malta Freeport Terminal to scan and examine a container originating from Morocco and destined for Tripoli, Libya.

Initial scans of the six induction ovens within the container revealed substantial inconsistencies, prompting further investigation. Subsequent scans confirmed the presence of irregular material concealed within the ovens.

The extraction of the drugs was a complex process, spanning over two days. The operation involved the Customs canine teams, the Police narcotics squad, and members of the Civil Protection Department.

Upon dismantling the panels, officials found 4,300 kg of cannabis resin embedded within the inner parts of the induction ovens. This substantial quantity, notable even by international standards, highlighted the elaborate and deceptive construction designed to evade detection.

This seizure follows another significant interception last week, where customs officials confiscated 50 kg of cocaine from a container that had arrived from Ecuador and was destined for Slovenia.

Duty magistrates have been informed of both cases, and inquiries have been appointed to further investigate the incidents.(ITALPRESS).

Foto: Dogana di Malta

Source: medNews