Malta, the length of trials is not satisfactory for Europe

LA VALLETTA (MALTA) (ITALPRESS/MNA) – Maltàs justice system rank poorly when compared to justice systems in other EU countries, not least due to the length of time it takes for cases to be resolved. This was confirmed by the EU Justice Scoreboard’s report for 2023. The EU Justice Scoreboard is published by the European Commission every year, and presents an annual overview of indicators on the efficiency, quality and independence of justice systems across the EU’s member states. The 2023 edition is primarily based on 2021 data, though it does take into account some developments that took place in 2022. The caseload of Maltàs justice system is actually one of the smallest in the EU per capita, with 2.3 incoming non-criminal cases per 100 inhabitants during 2021, the third-lowest after Luxembourg and Greece. Nevertheless, the length of Maltàs court proceedings is notorious, even if improvements have been registered. The estimated time to resolve civil, commercial, administrative and other non-criminal cases was no less than 350 days in 2021; the fifth highest among member states. The Justice Ministry emphasised that the data refered to in the scoreboard represented a year in which Malta was transitioning out of the Covid-19 pandemic, and that the Law Courts were consequently not operating at full capacity. Minister Jonathan Attard was quoted as saying that the report showed “that Malta is starting to bear the fruits of the landmark and courageous reforms that the Government is implementing,” and that the government would continue to invest in infrastructure and human resources to achieve “the best possible results”.
– Photo credit: Agenzia Fotogramma –

Source: medNews