A bridge between Italy and Morocco at the Levante Fair in Bari

BARI (ITALPRESS/MNA) – “Morocco is a land of great opportunities, especially in view of the 2030 World Cup”. The invitation to Italy to ‘look South’ comes from Puglia, and more precisely from Bari, directly from Mohamed Karim Sbai, of the National Order of Architects of Morocco at the meeting held today (June 28) at the Fiera del Levante in Bari.
The aim of the Fiera del Levante is to create a bridge between Italy and Morocco, which is currently experiencing a real estate boom. In the presence of the president of the Nuova Fiera del Levante, Gaetano Frulli, the president of the Order of Architects of Bari, Cosimo Damiano Mastronardi, and numerous architects from the region, Sbai recalled how the furniture and interior design sectors are experiencing a period of particular development, “here the value of Italian designers and architects,” he added, “is known and appreciated”.
“Meetings like today,” recalled Frulli, “are important for the process of internationalization and the new Levante Fair gave it an impetus.” Frulli announced that in the next edition of the Bari Championship, in the space dedicated to furniture, a B2B exchange will be promoted between Moroccan buyers and operators of the sector who will exhibit and present their products. “To bring here architects and other designers from all over the Mediterranean basin and the Balkan region, which is the market we want to turn to, is strategic because we give companies opportunities to sell. On the other hand, in that sector the architect has now become the real buyer”.
It is no coincidence that the furniture industry is a sector devoted to foreign dialogue in Morocco: imports mainly living room furniture (41%), kitchen and bathroom furniture (28%), office furniture (11%), while the rest is divided between bedrooms, furnishing accessories and outdoor furniture.
“Today a synergistic relationship was created between Fiera del Levante and the Order of Architects of Bari,” declared Mastronardi, adding, “the synergy between entities is important to elevate the quality, we can offer our skills to grow and meetings like those of today and those of the Campionaria will allow an exchange of cultures that is important for the growth of all”.
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Source: medNews