Fadhel Abdelkefi, Minister of Development, Investments and International Cooperation, wrapped up the international conference on investments and economic and social development of Tunisia.

He explained that 4,500 people participated at the event, among which 1,500 were business partners coming from 70 countries and 40 delegations. Official commitments amount to 34 billion dinars (15 billion on agreements and 19 million in funding pledges).

The Minister underlined the agreements signed with France, which was represented by Prime Minister Manuel Valls, which foresees 3 billion dinars credit to be given over the next four years, as well as over 420 million dinars in funding agreements with preferential conditions, and a 25 million dinars donation, for which the discussions for the re-negotiation of the debt with France for investments in Tunisia was launched.  

He added that he had a meeting with the French Ambassador to Tunisia for the submission of projects to build hospitals and for regional education.

Saudia Arabia, on its side, signed a financing contract for 1.8 billion dinars through the Saudi Fund, with an additional financing mechanism at preferential rates (up to 25-30 years with an interest rate not above 2%, over and above a 7 year extra period granted).

For Germany, an agreement was signed with KFW in order to grant Tunisia a 260 million dinars loan, while the European Union gave a 500 million dinars donation.

The European Investment Bank signed with Tunisia a financing contract that amounts to 6.8 billion dinars on a time-span of 4 years, as well as a 600 million dinars loan with preferential conditions.


Source: medNews