Alcoa Fastening Systems & Rings, an American company producing components and metal fittings for the automotive and aviation industry, has recently opened a factory in the free zone of Nouaceur, in the Casablanca region. The new industrial facility covers a floor area of 6,300 square meters and will employ about 200 employees up to speed. The total investment is estimated at 10 million dollars, of which 4.5 in capital goods. The grounds of the Alcoa plant was acquired in July 2015, through specific agreements with MidParc SA (which manages the industrial platform inside the free zone) and the aviation industry Moroccan Association (, Groupement marocaines Aéronautiques des industries et spatiales). According to allegations made by the top management of Alcoa Fixations Casablanca, the new factory will produce sub-contracted parts and components for major clients such as Airbus and Safran. The American company, specializes in metal fabrication, stamping and forming of special steels and already has some thirty industrial sites distributed in various parts of the world. With the new factory in Casablanca, Alcoa joins the group of large companies in the aviation sector (in addition to the above Safran and Airbus, is reminiscent of the Canadian Bombardier and the American Boeing and Hexcel) that have opened factories in Morocco. The government of the North African country has provided important incentives to Alcoa, through the Acceleration Plan, which aims to triple by 2020 the number of employees in the industry and double the export turnover.


Source: medNews