Defence, Italy-France agreement on the European land industrial hub

ROME (ITALPRESS/MNA) – The Minister of Defense, Guido Crosetto, met the Minister of the Armed Forces of France, Sébastien Lecornu, at the Raffalli military camp in Calvi in Corsica. At the end of the meeting, the two ministers signed a letter of intent for the establishment of the European Terrestrial Industrial Pole.
“The world has changed, there is no going back and we must prepare for scenarios that may be even more complex than the current ones. Italy and France must strengthen their cooperation because the political, military and industrial future of Europe starts from the great nations that they built Europe. Divided we are weak, but united Europe can be strong, thanks to the historical, cultural and values ​​deriving from centuries of history and the extraordinary industrial and knowledge capabilities of our countries. There are no politicians or elections that divide us; we have the same interest and the same objective: to best serve our nation”, stated Minister Crosetto.
“Today we signed a letter of intent,” he added, “which aims to have a European industrial hub in the terrestrial area where the best Italian and French companies in the sector will converge. It is essential to bring together all the best European technologies and make the hubs increasingly strong because we will need significant investments to keep up with technological evolution. If we compare ourselves with countries like China, we need to systematize financial, technological, industrial and human resources to have a Defense industry capable to support our Armed Forces and provide them with effective equipment and weapons systems. They need an industry that operates with the same speed, the same love for the Homeland and the same determination that our soldiers who have fight for peace and democracy”.
The European Terrestrial Industrial Area, which will result from this agreement between Minister Crosetto and his French counterpart Lecornu, aims to strengthen industrial cooperation and Europe’s defensive capabilities through the joint development of new terrestrial platforms.
The strategic alliance will allow the implementation of collaboration programs between European nations through the strengthening of industrial bases and the development of the future generation of platforms, including the MGCS (Main Ground Combat System).
The program will integrate new cutting-edge technologies, including artificial intelligence, ensuring an autonomous and consolidated European defense industrial and technological base.
The signing of the agreement represents a significant step towards integrated European defence, a pillar of the Atlantic Alliance, capable of responding to the present and future challenges.
Also at the center of the bilateral discussions was the current situation in the Middle East and Ukraine, and the common desire to increase synergies between the member states of the European Union to achieve an end to hostilities and a just peace.
The two ministers expressed satisfaction on the sidelines of the meeting, demonstrating their common commitment and willingness to contribute to the defense of the values ​​of freedom, peace and democracy.
-photo Minister of Defense –

Source: medNews