Malta, coronavirus cases rise to 195

The Superintendent of Public Health in Malta Professor Charmaine Gauci confirmed eight new coronavirus cases. Addressing a press conference, she said that there is a shift towards locally transmitted cases and remarked that the symptoms are no longer simply associated with respiratory problems but they have seen patients developing symptoms related gastrointestinal issues. Till now, the total number of coronavirus cases in Malta went up to 195. Professor Charmaine Gauci noted that unfortunately many people are still going to work even if they have very mild symptoms. She highlighted the need to stay at home and wait until the tests are out. Meanwhile the Superintendent of Public Health was insulted outside the building of the national television station after she gave an interview on Wednesday evening. A woman, who apparently is involved in driving instructions, waited for Professor Gauci outside the building. She then proceeded to insult Professor Gauci upon exiting the building.

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Malta, more controls as the cases of coronavirus continue to increase

While thirteen new coronavirus cases were announced on Tuesday afternoon, during a press briefing by the Superintendent of Public Health, Professor Charmaine Gauci, the Maltese government has annoucned new measure to control social distancing to curb the spreading of the virus. 

The Home Affairs Minister Byron Camilleri said that the government will impose a €100 fine for each of the persons forming a group of four or more in public . This does not apply to members of the same family who live under one roof. He said that Police patrols will increase, even in the countryside.

Minister Camilleri referred to the authorities frustration that on Sunday many people were outside despite the contrary advice. He warned that the €100 fine may be increased if the public continues to ignore the authorities directives, arguing that it is not right that persons endanger other people’s health, including that of the majority who observe the directives.

Malta now has 169 confirmed cases of COVID 19. One of the patients who is in the Intensive Care Unit breathing with the help of a ventilator, is vulnerable due to his age.

Out of the thirteen cases, eight were patients who contracted the virus locally. The other five are patients who arrived in Malta from Marocco and the United Kingdom.

Meanwhile, the transport authorities refused a spanish aircraft to land in Malta. This was confirmed by Transport Minister Ian Borg on social media, who said that the permit was not granted. Local reports said that the aircraft had requested a landing in Luqa due to repairs, but this was not true, and therefore the Maltese authorities did not allow it. Eventually the aircraft continued on its way to Madrid.


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Coronavirus, the worst is yet to come for Malta

The health authorities in Malta declared that the worst is yet to come, as more positive cases of coronavirus are expected in the coming weeks as the peak was not reached yet.

The Supretendent of Public Health Prof. Chairmaine Gauci confirmed another five new cases, reaching a total of 156. 

Three of the new cases are related to travelling.  A Maltese man, 30, have travelled to Mexico and few days after his return to Malta he started feeling the first symptoms. A woman, 64 who had travelled to the United Kingdom was also confirmed positive, and a heathworker, 30, who was also in United Kingdom was found positive after undergoing the required medical tests.

Meanwhile, the other new cases were transmitted locally. A Maltese woman, 35 was confirmed positive after two relatives were suffering from COVID-19 symptomsAnother Maltese woman, 44, was confirmed positive. The healthauthorities are carrying out more investigations as the womanhasreportedto work.


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Coronavirus, in Malta there is hope for the summer months

The Maltese Prime Minister Robert Abela appealed to the Maltese population to follow the directives issued by the public health authorities so that by summer, the situation could return to normal. Answering questions during a radio interview, Abela declared that the coming three weeks were crucial and appealed the general public for cooperation.

So far, 151 cases of coronavirus have been confirmed in Malta, roughly half of the cases were travel related and the other half were cases of local transmission. Various measures have been implemented to curb the spread including the closure of all educational institutions until June, the closure of establishments providing non-essential services among others.

The two new casesregistered in the last 24 hours,are a 53-year-old Maltese woman who developed symptoms associated with coronavirus. The woman who had no travel history, however, a relative had returned to Malta from the United Kingdom. The family was in quarantine.

The second case concerns a 39 years old Maltese man. The man did not travel however a colleague was abroad and had developed some symptoms. The authorities are currently doing contact tracing.

The Supretendent of Public Health, Prof. Charmain Gauci said, “it is true that only two tested positive for coronavirus after carrying a record number of 585 swab tests. But this is not an indication that we will not have more cases. We need the public cooperation to keep the numbers low.”

Meanwhile, four patients who contracted coronavirus are currently receiving treatment at the Intensive Therapy Unit at Mater Dei Hospital. One of the patients, a 72 year old man remains breathing with the help of a ventilator and he is in a critical condition.


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Malta Covid-19 infections at 149 cases

The World Health Organisation has chosen Malta as a model for other countries on how to combat coronavirus. This was declared by the Maltese Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Health Chris Fearne in a press conference this morning, as he announced ten more positive cases for coronavirus. So far, Malta registered a total of 149 cases.
Out of all the COVID-19 cases, 3 patients have been admitted to the Intensive Therapy Unit. One of the new coronavirus cases is a 72-year old Maltese man who is in critical condition. He was in contact with a relative who tested positive to the virus. 3 people from the Philippines were tested positive; linked to a person who returned to Malta from the Philippines who had also been tested positive. A Maltese man who lives abroad and has recently returned to Malta through a flight from France, is positive to coronavirus. A British man who lives in Malta was also tested positive. A Maltese healthcare worker, a maltese man and two Indians residing in Malta were all tested positive after they were infected locally. Meanwhile, the Minister of Education Owen Bonnici announced that all schools and educational institutions will be closed until the end of June, therefore, a new scholastic year might open in September. Earlier this month, the government had announced that schools were to remain closed until the 17th April 2020 and now has been extended. All school examinations have been cancelled. Minister Owen Bonnici appealed to all students and parents to continue their studies even though they are not physically attending schools. He also said that such measures will also help alleviate some of the pressure experienced by students during the exam period.

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By Maltese Italian Chamber Commerce and Wmf “Start the Future”

On 7 April, on the occasion of World Health Day, “Start the Future” will be held a free international online event of its kind. It is promoted by the Web Marketing Festival, with the partnership of the Maltese Italian Chamber of Commerce and other international partners and will see the participation of startups, speakers, investors and people from all over the world. An invitation has been launched to present innovative projects, testimonials, products and services to address current emergencies and 4 global challenges: education, health, climate change and digital transformation. “The Italian Chamber of Commerce of Malta has decided to join and support Start the Future, the global event that will be held online on April 7 and organized by the Web Marketing Festival – said President Victor Camilleri -. It’s time for ideas to help support the entire community. In Malta there are many startups, innovative and consulting companies that can make a significant contribution to the company to overcome this global emergency”. The Covid-19 emergency is seriously affecting the balance of many countries in Europe and around the world and their respective economic, health and education systems.

“For this reason, during the event, which is free of charge and entirely online – said Camilleri – innovative projects, testimonials, products and services that can be used to deal with the great global changes of our time and to deal with the difficulties caused by Covid-19 will be presented. This event is a great opportunity for innovative Maltese and Italian startups to emerge in the international framework and support the new global challenges that many industries are facing.” The Start the Future call, which runs on the Web Marketing Festival’s website until 2 April, allows start-ups, scale ups, ONPs, research centres, companies and agencies, as well as individuals, investors, journalists, policy makers, researchers and innovators, to send and propose projects, ideas and testimonials that can then be presented during the online event.


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Malta, two new measures against Coronavirus

Maltese Deputy Prime Minister and Health Minister Chris Fearne has announced two new measures to avoid and limit the risk of coronavirus transmission.

One of the new measures is that social gatherings of over five people will not be allowed.

The other measure is aimed at the most vulnerable people. People over the age of 65 and people with existing medical conditions will not be able to leave at any time.

These two new measures will enter into force on Saturday.

Minister Fearne said that the virus pattern is changing from those imported from abroad to the local transmission phase. He also said that Malta is still in the very early stages of the epidemic and that situations will continue to change.

He also said that the Maltese health authorities are following the measures taken in hospitals in other countries.


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Malta, health authorities confirm spread of coronavirus

Malta, health authorities confirm spread of coronavirus

The coronavirus continued to spread in Malta. The Public Health Authorities today announced 19 new cases of COVID 19, reaching a total of 129. This is the highest number of cases registered since the start of the outbreak on March, 7.

While addressing a press conference, the Supretendent for Public Health Prof. Charmaine Gauci confirmed that eight of the new reported cases were imported from the United Kingdom, Spain, Austria and Poland. Another four new cases are related to other patients who were already confirmed positive and the seven other, five Maltese, an Italian and a Chinese were local transmissions.

All 129 patients are in good health, although an elderly man, 61, is still receiving treatment in the Intensive Care Unit at Mater Dei Hospital.

The local health authorities are making daily appeals to the public to remain indoors as much as possible to avoid any contact with other people as more new cases are expected to be recorded.


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Coronavirus, second economic boost for the maltese economy

The Maltese government has announced an overall package of €70 million per month for the next three months and will be reviewed as needed to address the economic crisis caused by COVID 19. Maltese Prime Minister Roberto Abela said the purpose of the financial aid package is that various industries will be in a position to operate in order to start over quickly.

In a press conference, Abela also said that the government is ready to register a financial deficit if necessary so that the country can overcome this crisis situation.
Prime Minister Abela explained that the government will pay €800 to over 60,000 employees that their income is directly threatened by the spread of the coronavirus. This will also be applied retroactively from March 9th. If the income exceeds this amount, the employer will pay the difference for up to €1,200 per month.
Prime Minister Abela said the tourism sector will suffer a €2 billion loss, adding that Malta will be “lucky” to have tourists by December 2020. This is the sector that will be the most affected and will affect 110,000 workers, almost a quarter of the Maltese population. In this case, the government will pay the minimum wage of €800 per month for each employer or self-employed person in the following sectore; retail, wholesale, accommodation, restaurants, car rental agencies, security services, transportation and entertainment. Abela said that this will cost €44 million per month.
For sectors least affected by the crisis, the Maltese government will pay for one working day based on the hourly rate applicable to €800 per month.
This financial package was approved by all social partners who represent entrepreneurs and workers. Last week the Maltese government was criticized for not giving enough financial support when the first financial aid package was published to address the current crisis.

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Malta, plans to build a pre-fabricated hospital for coronavirus patients

Malta, plans to build a pre-fabricated hospital for coronavirus patients
The Maltese government has issued a public call for the set up of a fully-equipped pre-fabricated hospital with a capacity for over 90 patients and medical staff. According to the Health Ministry the hospital must be up and running within eight weeks. The Supretendent of Public Health Prof. Chairmaine Gauci declared that the Maltese government is preparing for every eventuality and possibility, including having enough resources and beds to cater for future patients found positive for COVID 19.
Wuhan in China, which was the epicentre of the deadly coronavirus outbreak, built a similar prefabricated hospital with capacity for 1,000 patients in just nine days.
Meanwhile, the Health authorities hava announced three more positive cases of coronavirus. All were imported from abroad.
A 20 year old woman who arrived from the United Kingdom. She stayed in quarantine immediately after experiencing the first symptoms. Only family members were exposed to her.
Another 20 year old woman was found positive for coronavirus on her return from London. She attended a lecture at the University of Malta, and the health authorities are tracing her friends for further medical tests.
An American, 49, who arrived from Austria was found positive but followed the instructions issued by the health authorities to self-quarantine. Only one person who share the same residence was in contact with the patient.
The Supretendent of Public Health confirmed that the elderly man, 61, who is treated at the Intensive Care Unit is responding well to the medical treatment, and he might be also included in international medical trials.
Prof. Chairmaine Gauci said that altough in the last 24 hours, Malta has registered less positive cases than in recent days, there is still an increase. Up to now, 110 cases have been confirmed. “The increase in positive cases for coronavirus depends on how the community follow the recommendations being issued from the health authorities,” added Prof. Gauci.
Meanwhile, the Maltese government announced that people infected with COVID 19, and are ordered to self-isolate will be fined €10,000 every time they will be find not in quarantine during police checks.

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