COVID-19, foreign workers in Malta excluded from receiving €100 voucher

Foreign workers in Malta showed their anger with the Maltese authorities after it became known that they do not qualify for the €100 voucher which is part of the financial package that the Maltese Government has promised to all residents in Malta who are over 16 years.

There are at least 100,000 foreigners living in Malta, with the high job creation rate and shortage of unemployed Maltese people forcing several businesses to look overseas to employ workers.  It is estimated that over 9,500 Italians are employed in Malta. According to the Central Bank of Malta, the number of Italian nationals participating in the Maltese labour market increased rapidly since the global financial crisis.

On June 9th, the Maltese Prime Minister Robert Abela announced a financial package as part of the aid due to the crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. Among the measures, the Maltese government had announced a grant of € 100, which the Maltese Prime Minister had said would be given to all those residing in Malta and who are over 16 years. But today it became known that this assistance in the form of a voucher will be given only to those who are registered in the Electoral Register, that means only to those who have the right to vote in the general elections.

This decision provoked the foreigners working in Malta. Many have complained about the fact that they contribute to the Maltese economy by paying all taxes due to the Maltese authorities, but despite this, they are being excluded from receiving the €100 grant.

This voucher can be used in food establishments, restaurants and bars as well as in beauty parlours and hairdressers.


Source: medNews