What We Do

Malta News Agency produces daily an overarching news service in English/Maltese, available 7 days a week. Information from the Mediterranean area is also a leading feature.

Malta News Agency was launched in 2013 as the first and only news agency in Malta.
MNA produces thematic news services covering mainly politics,economy, culture and sports.

The Central Newsroom in Malta also avails itself of a wide network of correspondents and stringers in the major capital cities abroad and operates a partnership agreement with Italpress, a leading Italian news agency.

Current and potential subscribers to the MNA News Services include print media groups, television and radio stations, News oriented websites, Central Government and local institutions including major national Authorities, Financial and Banking Institutions, the Private Secotr, Chambers of Commerce, Unions, Political Parties, NGOs, Sports Federations and Associations, and all other stakeholders for whom timely access to news is an important tool in their endeavours.


In addition to the access to the MNA News Agency, subscribers can avail themselves of MNA’s expertise in the production of Media Campaigns, including the production of Multimedia Releases, Newsletters and Graphic Design services.

Malta News Agency also offers complete news content packages for generalist and/or thematic websites and portals.


Malta News Agency has opted to operate on the Internet platform and therefore subscribers can receive the Agency’s service through their on-line connection in both Windows or Mac environ.

Malta News Agency also broadcasts its news service via satellite and subscribers may opt for this solution through the installation of a satellite dish and digital decoder.

Malta News Agency is available anywhere, anytime. All services are also available on smartphone and tablet latest technology.

About MNA

Malta News Agency has set sail

The News Agency with a Mediterranean outlook.

We report the local. We embrace the horizon.

Malta’s Own National News Agency

aims at filling a gap in the information and communication industry in Malta.
MNA is the first newswire agency on a national level.
While we are all aware of the role that the World Wide Web has as a platform for information and knowledge without boundaries, we are also equally conscious about the fact that quantity is far from a guarantee of quality and reliability.

MALTA NEWS AGENCY, as any other ‘wire service’, among which the most popularly known in the media circles are Reuters, AP, AFP, Ansa, is meant to create a package of professional news and support services to the print, broadcast and online media, and also to all stakeholders in society that need accurate and immediate dissemination of and access to a wide array of news and other information. Over and above, through its association with ITALPRESS, the Agency will also have access to a number of foreign correspondents, including Brussels, and will be in a position to offer a range of other advocacy, public affairs and communication services.
MNA will specialize particularly in Political, Economic, Cultural and Sports news services. News and other services of interest to the international community will also be carried on ITALPRESS for distribution to our client list in Italy.

MNA is not a website, but a professional news service accessible through a subscription. The MNA Website will be of course available, but only as a promotional tool online.


MALTA NEWS AGENCY, is confident that it will develop into a must-have information companion on the desktop monitors, iPads, Tablets and Smartphones of the most strategic public and private entities from Government, Authorities, Embassies, to Banks and Sectoral Associations, and not least communication, marketing and public relations professionals. MNA will mean real-time information at the disposal of newrooms and planning executives and for timely reactions to situations arising at any time. MNA will help to create a network of information between the most important actors of our society, since information will flow faster and reach subscribers concurrently in the shortest of time.

Malta can count on a long history in printing and journalism and now it deserves to have its own national agency where the country can have a national independent voice servicing the industry and at the same time with the capacity to portray itself to the international media, to whom MNA will also be associated.

MALTA NEWS AGENCY is a challenge not only for the promoters but for all national stakeholders and the information industry, through which our journalism and information industry will surely benefit.

To this effect, as a first step, we are inviting you to add MNA to your list of media organizations for the distribution of news, PRs, and other information.

You may submit your material (editorial considerations apply) at the following e-mail address:

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