San Raffaele Hospital in MEDITeH BEYOND, telemedicine instrument of diplomacy

CATANIA (ITALPRESS/MNA) – Four years after the launch of its Telemedicine platform, IRCCS Ospedale San Raffaele participates in and supports MEDITeH BEYOND, a meeting organised in Catania by DIPLOMATIA to analyse and promote the role of telemedicine in the contemporary world.
During the meeting, the role of telemedicine emerged as the flagship product of Made in Italy, to be promoted and exported to Mediterranean countries and beyond. The team of San Raffaele and Gruppo San Donato presented the excellent results of its telemedicine platform, which just in these days has reached 100 thousand members.
Operating since 2019, the service was created to facilitate the patient’s clinical – diagnostic path, limiting travel and waiting times to receive a clinical opinion. It is now the largest telemedicine platform in Italy, with about 900 doctors operating.
“Telemedicine, together with the domiciliation initiatives that we have already activated for some years (such as samples, ultrasounds and radiographs at home), allow the patient to have a digital repository always available and a single reference, clear and certified, of relations with their specialist doctor,” said Federico Esposti, operational director of the San Raffaele Hospital.
“The project is part of the plans to expand the activities of Gruppo San Donato abroad, with particular attention to the countries of the Mediterranean basin and the Middle East: patients from foreign countries can ask for second opinion or complete part of their care path remotely and – following investigations or intervention in person – continue to be followed in the follow-up by their specialist in any place. The continuous investment in new technologies allows to bring the excellence of San Raffaele hospital beyond the boundaries of the traditional hospital” concluded Exposti.
The meeting, which was attended by diplomatic representations from over 20 countries, was an opportunity to build bridges and collaborations, aimed at promoting and improving, through new technologies, the health of the citizens of the Mediterranean countries.
-photo IRCCS Ospedale San Raffaele –

Source: medNews