Piano Mattei, Urso signs Italy-Tunisia protocol on digital development

TUNISIA (TUNISIA) (ITALPRESS/MNA) – The Minister of Enterprise and Made in Italy Adolfo Urso, as part of his official visit to Tunis, today signed a joint statement with the Minister of Communication Technologies of Tunisia, Nizar Ben Neji, aimed at promoting initiatives of economic and industrial collaboration in the field of artificial intelligence and research in the digital transition, in full coherence with the principles of the Mattei Plan that sees Tunisia as a country of priority interest for development actions.
The Italy-Tunisia agreement is aimed at facilitating direct investments and joint initiatives between companies in both countries, exploring forms of cooperation in the context of the digital transition, through the exchange of information and knowledge in the field of research, frontier technologies, and the training of new skills.
“With a focus on the digital economy and connectivity between our countries, this agreement opens a new frontier in our future cooperation,” said Minister Urso.
The joint declaration puts at the center the project to establish a hub on Artificial Intelligence for Sustainable Development, as foreseen by the ministerial G7 in Verona on the industry chaired by Urso himself, which will act as a catalyst for Artificial Intelligence ecosystems in the African continent, to foster important synergies to accompany digital development.
“Among the main policies of the Mattei Plan, we give great importance to the digital transition, on which we believe to consolidate the collaboration with Tunisia for the benefit of the entire Mediterranean area,” Urso said.
On the sector of the digital economy, Urso focused on the “purpose of the AI Hub, which aims to realize partnerships that allow access for African countries to the computing capacity necessary for artificial intelligence models, enhancing local infrastructures and supporting the development of skills”.
As part of the implementation of the joint statement, Urso and Ben Neji decided to form a “New Technology Development Working Group,” focused on the issues of submarine cable infrastructure for intercontinental data transmission and the development of artificial intelligence through the AI Hub.
“Tunisia has a role to play because of its geographical position, together with Italy, a key role in connectivity between Europe and Africa,” said Urso. He added: “Our country, with its own port, energy, and cable infrastructure connections with the countries on the southern shore of the Mediterranean, sees Tunisia as a fundamental partner for the development of the entire area”.

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Source: medNews