Malta, Government in total chaos, deputy PM ready to resign

VALLETTA (MALTA) (ITALPRESS/MNA) – The Maltese government led by the Labour Party is under continuing pressure following the conclusion of a criminal inquiry into the privatization process of three state hospitals. The magistrate concluded her inquiry last week and passed on the report and 78 boxes full of evidence to the Attorney General. The magistratès conclusions still have to be published.
The Maltatoday quoted sources within the Labour Party parliamentary group, saying that Deputy Prime Minister Chris Fearne is ready to resign if his name is mentioned in the hospitals inquiry, and if the parliamentary group wishes that he resign.
“I am hearing that my name is mentioned in the inquiry and if so, I am willing to resign if the parliamentary group wants me to”, Fearne is reported to have told his parliamentary colleagues.
The Deputy Prime Minister was health parliamentary secretary under former Labour Minister Konrad Mizzi when the hospitals deal was concluded with Vitals Global Healthcare in 2015 and later health minister when the concession was transferred to Steward Health Care in 2018.

– Photo Department of Information Malta –


Source: medNews