Ghribi “Great potential in Kenya. Fair partnerships for Africa”

ROME (ITALPRESS/MNA) – “My official visit and the GKSD team’s visit to Kenya continues to participate in high-level talks with key personalities in the government and within the economy sector. The ongoing institutional meetings are useful in identifying potential areas of collaboration between GKSD/GSD and the Government of Kenya”. This was stated by Kamel Ghribi, president of GKSD Investment Holding, on Instagram.
“Kenya has taken a leading role in changing the way business is done in Africa and is a country where investments can be made in areas such as healthcare, green energy, sustainable engineering, design and construction for the benefit of both the governments and businesses”, said Kamel Ghribi, while referring to the prospects for the development of sustainable agriculture and the leather industry that has great margins for growth also thanks to numerous free trade agreements with the United States and European Union countries.
He emphasized the lack of high-level global cooperation that impedes the progress of sustainable and long-lasting investments in Africa. “This is why I have always actively supported energy transition projects, infrastructure development, affordable healthcare and inclusive and equitable partnerships not only with Africa but also with the MENA region. And even from here, from Kenya, we are ready to serve Africa through fair and just partnerships!”.

– Photo GKSD –


Source: medNews