EU urges Libya to protect its cultural heritage from criminal activities

MALTA (LA VALLETTA) (ITALPRESS/MNA) – The European Union Ambassador to Libya, Nicola Orlando, has called for the protection of Libyan cultural heritage from looting, trafficking, and vandalism. Orlando inaugurated an international conference on the protection of Libyan cultural heritage in Tripoli, with the participation of 20 experts from five European countries. Among the participants were archaeological missions, and representatives from law enforcement agencies from Italy, in cooperation with the Department of Antiquities and Tourist Police of the Ministry of Interior. “Libyan cultural heritage is extraordinary. It belongs to all Libyans and to humanity. It represents our rich, common Mediterranean roots. Its economic and employment potential is remarkable,” he said. “This is why together we must protect it from looting, trafficking and vandalism,” he added. He emphasised that the European Union and its member states are proud of their partnership to protect and preserve Libyan cultural heritage, contributing to national unity and reconciliation. (ITALPRESS).

Foto: Ufficio Ambasciatore UE in Libia

Source: medNews