Malta, EP President censored by the Broadcasting Authority

LA VALLETTA (MALTA) (ITALPRESS/MNA) – The European Parliament Office in Malta has called for the immediate suspension of a directive issued by the Malta Broadcasting Authority, which effectively censors reports about European Parliament President Roberta Metsola.

The directive issued by the Malta Broadcasting Authority mandates caution in reporting about the President of the European Parliament, focusing only on the news value of the story. This featured in the Broadcasting Authority’s new regulations governing radio and television programmes and advertisements aired throughout the European election period.

The European Parliament Office in Malta expressed concern over potential impairment of media coverage of the upcoming European Elections, and demanded the suspension of the regulation to allow it “to consult with the European Parliament Legal Service, in order to ensure that the rights of the institution in Malta are protected, as the Directive could impair the work of the media in covering the incoming European Elections”.

The European Parliament Office in Malta added that “it is of essence to ensure that all EU citizens are provided with information on the importance and the stakes of these elections to come and that the role of its President in liaising with EU citizens, in all Member States, is ensured”.

The directive has sparked outrage from Metsolàs party, the Nationalist Party which labelled the directive as anti-democratic and shameful. “No democratic country has ever issued such regulations against the democratically elected European Parliament or its President,” said the Narionalist Party.

The directivès order to censor Metsolàs coverage is perceived as discriminatory against her Maltese identity, the Party argued, adding that Metsolàs work should be recognised and reported, and her Maltese heritage should be celebrated, not suppressed.

The Broadcasting Authority’s decision, the PN said, is a flagrant breach of democratic values and infringes on freedom of the press and broadcasting.

The Nationalist Party called for the immediate withdrawal of the directive, insisting that in other European countries, the President of the European Parliament is openly discussed and reported by the media.

The Broadcasting Authority, comprising nominees from the Nationalist Party and the Labour Party, while the chairperson is handpicked by the prime minister, has been criticised for its lack of impartiality and fairness in broadcasting.

– Photo Agenzia Fotogramma –


Source: medNews