Libya,preparation underway for African-European conference on migration

TRIPOLI (ITALPRESS/MNA) – The Libyan Government-designate confirmed its readiness to host the inaugural African-European Conference on Migration in Benghazi at the end of May.
In preparation for this significant event, the Institute for Diplomatic Studies, affiliated with the government’s Foreign Ministry, organised a preparatory seminar on Mediterranean migration in Tangier, Morocco.
The seminar, held in collaboration with the Mediterranean Migration and Asylum Commission, saw participation from a diverse group of academics, politicians, human rights advocates, and civil society representatives from Libya, Spain, France, Italy, Belgium, Germany, Senegal, Morocco, and Tunisia.
Abdelhadi Al-Hwaij, the Libyan Foreign Minister, emphasised the government’s efforts in addressing migration issues and providing assistance to migrants from Africa and the Sub-Saharan region.
The announcement of the conference and the preparatory seminar highlights the active role Libya seeks to play in addressing Mediterranean migration challenges. It fosters the dialogue and cooperation between African and European nations.
With migration issues being at the forefront of Mediterranean politics, this conference in Benghazi represents a pivotal moment for collaborative efforts between Africa and Europe. It underscores the necessity for international cooperation in addressing the complexities of migration and the humanitarian needs of migrants.
Libyàs Interior Minister, Emad al-Tarabelsi, has announced plans to repatriate over 20,000 migrants in the country illegally within the year.
The IOM recorded at least 3,129 migrant deaths and disappearances in the Mediterranean Sea in 2023, highlighting it as the “most deadly migration route.” The organisation emphasises the need for legal migration pathways to prevent such tragedies and calls for improved regional cooperation to safeguard migrants.
-photo Agenzia Fotogramma-

Source: medNews