Jordan, Egypt and France call for ceasefire in Gaza

ROME (ITALPRESS/MNA) – Jordanian King Abdullah II, Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi and French President Emmanuel Macron have called for an “immediate” ceasefire in Gaza and the release of “all hostages”. They also warned Israel of the “dangerous consequences” of an attack it plans to carry out in Rafah.
The three leaders wrote an editorial published by 4 newspapers: the French “Le Monde”, the American “Washington Post”, the Jordanian “Al-Rai” and the Egyptian “Al-Ahram”. “The war in Gaza and the catastrophic human suffering it is causing must end now,” reads the leaders’ article, who add: “In light of the unbearable human losses, we call for the immediate and unconditional implementation of resolution no. 2728 of the Security Council”.
The three leaders also underlined “the urgent need to implement the Security Council’s request for the immediate release of all hostages” held in Gaza. In their opinion, the attack that Israel intends to launch in Rafah “will only bring more death and suffering, increase the risks and consequences of the mass forced displacement of the Gaza population and threaten regional escalation”.

– Photo Ipa Agency –


Source: medNews