Increasing number of Maltese indicating of not voting in the EP elections

VALLETTA (ITALPRESS/MNA) – More Maltese are saying that they will not vote in the upcoming European Parliament elections according to recently published survey. The survey was conducted by Eurobarometer between 11th January and 15th February this year. It asked 507 Maltese citizens about their voting intentions for the upcoming European Parliament elections.
Around 34% of people appear to have the intention of not voting in the elections in June. Almost 21% said that they are almost certain that they will not vote while 13% said that they will likely not vote.
29% of people in the survey said that they are almost certain that they will vote, while 23% said that they will probably vote. The remainder of the participants said that either cannot vote or did not respond to the question.
A survey by Euronews and Ipsos is forecasting that, for this election, the Nationalist Party and Labour Party will revert to three seats each.
In the last European Parliament elections in 2019, 27% of people did not vote.
Although the increase in the cost of living and environment are the most prominent concerns, the majority confirmed their satisfaction about their quality of life and the economy performance.
78% of Maltese citizens interviewed said that they were satisfied with the direction of governance of the country’s economy, while 84% said that they are satisfied about their quality of life.
Asked about what issues are concerning them the most in Malta, 34% mentioned the state of the environment and climate change, while 29% mentioned the increasing cost of living and inflation. 27% mentioned immigration, while about 18% mentioned the economic situation and criminality.
-photo Agenzia Fotogramma-

Source: medNews