From Malta regrets the UN vote that denials palestinès full membership

LA VALLETTA (MALTA) (ITALPRESS/MNA) – Malta deeply regretted the final vote at the United Nations Security Council that denied “the State of Palestine be admitted to membership of the United Nations” in place of its current “non-member observer state” status, which it has held since 2012. The session of the Security Council meeting at the UN headquarters in New York City was chaired by Malta. The US vetoed Palestinès chance to join the UN as a full member, despite Malta and 11 more countries on the Security Council voting in favour of Palestinès admission. Britain and Switzerland abstained. Security Council chair and Maltàs Permanent Representative to the UN, Vanessa Frazier, said UN membership was a necessary step for the Palestinians to achieve equal footing with the rest of the international community. She said: “The unprecedented turmoil is pushing the Palestinian people to a precipice. We deeply regret that following today’s veto, this legitimate aspiration has not been realised, but we must not lose sight of its legitimate validity. The two-state solution remains the only realistic solution for stability and peace in the Middle East”.
After the vote, the US said its position is unchanged: that the UN is not the venue for recognition of a Palestinian state, which must be the result of a peace deal with Israel.
– Foto: Ipa Agency –

Source: medNews