47 migrants rescued, will disembark at the port of Catania

LA VALLETTA (MALTA) (ITALPRESS/MNA) – A group of migrants will disembark at the port of Catania. This was stated by the German NGO Sea Watch after its crew on board the vessel Sea-Watch 5 rescued 47 migrants from an unstable dinghy.
The NGO confirmed that all migrants are now safely on board and they are heading towards the port of Catania.
Meanwhile, the Libyan authorities have thwarted an illegal immigration attempt in the city of Zuwara. The Western Region Directorate Support Force took action against human traffickers who were organizing a group of migrants of different African nationalities to board a boat that would take them to Europe. They were handed to the Libyan Anti-Illegal Immigration Agency.
This week, the Tunisiàs Coast Guard recovered 19 bodies near the country’s coastline known as a primary point of departure for boats taking off for Italy. Separately, five smugglers were arrested on human trafficking charges, authorities said. Tunisia has already intercepted about 21,000 migrants trying to cross the sea to Italy this year.
– foto: Sea Watch –

Source: medNews