Malta, heir of Italian shipyard worker to receive €209,000

LA VALLETTA (MALTA) (ITALPRESS/MNA) – Palumbo Shipyard was ordered to compensate the mother of a 27-year-old Italian man who died when he was hit on the head by a dislodged roller from a machine used to release a mooring rope in 2016. A Maltese civil court found Palumbo Shipyard responsible for the fatality and that it did not take the necessary precautions that would have prevented the death. It was ordered to pay €209,000 in compensation to Maria Matruscelli, mother of Aniello Fariello, originally from Marina di Pisciotta, who lost his life on January 18, 2016, while he was working on a ship docked at the Palumbo Shipyard in Paola. He was certified dead on the site. The shipyard worker had only been employed one month before the fatal accident. Fariello, an engineer, was performing his duties on board the vessel MV Galaxy, registered in Limassol in Cyprus. MV Galaxy was in such a bad condition that it had its certification revoked, had to be towed to Malta from Greece, and was in Malta for a total refurbishment. While the vessel was being moored, a reel through which one of the ropes was passed gave way and hit Fariello in the head with fatal consequences. The vessel was owned by Moby S.p.A and its captain was Antonio Scotto Ciccariello. Both were also sued by the mother, but the court found that they were not to blame for the incident that cost Fariello his life.(ITALPRESS).

Foto: Palumbo Shipyard Malta

Source: medNews