Humanitarian aid via land to Gaza, Balla appeals for ceasefire

ROME (ITALPRESS/MNA) – For the first time in five months, since the beginning of the war in Gaza, 40,000 tons of humanitarian aid including food, but also medical items have arrived “to alleviate the suffering of the Palestinian civilian population, which is experiencing a catastrophic situation. No country had managed to get humanitarian aid directly by land! Morocco did it.”

This was said by the Moroccan ambassador to Italy, Youssef Balla, when was interviewed by Claudio Brachino for the Italpress agency.

“Morocco is known for its humanitarian and political initiatives, as an actor of peace and security in the region” and has succeeded “thanks to the leadership of His Majesty Muhammad VI, who enjoys great international prestige” and thanks to the “communication channels with the whole world. Now the international community must make an effort like that of Morocco” whose example “we hope can be followed by other countries”.

The Moroccan ambassador then renewed “an appeal for a lasting ceasefire, to allow the smooth and permanent arrival of humanitarian aid” and condemned the fact that “civilians are targets of military attacks. We need to establish a political perspective, on the basis of international legality, which provides for the principle of two states, one next to the other”, concluded Balla.

– Photo Italpress –


Source: medNews