Italgas, the greek subsidiary changes name and becomes Enaon

ATHENS (GREECE) (ITALPRESS/MNA) – The Italgas Group has presented the new identity of its Greek companies, and from today the holding company has changed to ‘Enaon’ while the operating company’s new name is ‘Enaon Edà.

The name and brand of the now former Depa Infrastructure were unveiled at the Politia Business Center in Athens, where the new offices of the company acquired by Italgas in September 2022 are located.

“Today, with the launch of Enaon, we inaugurate a new chapter of our path. The launch of the new corporate image takes place at a time in which we have already successfully achieved important objectives that will make us work better and with greater efficiency,” said the CEO of Italgas, Paolo Gallo, who announced publicly the new name and the new brand in the presence of Theodoros Skylakakis, Minsiter for the Environment and Energy, Kostas Skrekas, Minister for Development and the Italian Ambassador to Greece Paolo Cuculi. The name Enaon draws inspiration from the Greek word Aenaos, which translates into “perennial” and “renewable” and which, associated with the world of energy, aims to represent a lasting offer, capable of satisfying current needs and the well-being of future generations.

The Minister of Environment and Energy Theodoros Skylakakis was also enthusiastic about the new development, reiterating the importance of natural gas in the present and future market: “The objective is to bring the assets of this sector into the future. We need natural gas because we have large infrastructures in Europe and we need to use them together with electricity, so as to have a more efficient energy system. For us it is important to be a partner of important Italian companies and to be able to build these infrastructures for the future with them.” Some of the objectives achieved by the Italgas Group since the acquisition of Enaon include the integration into the group, the reorganization of the company and the implementation of important interventions for the digital extension and transformation of the networks in Greece. A few hours before the announcement of the company’s new identity, these issues were discussed by the president of Italgas, Benedetta Navarra, the CEO of Enaon Eda, Barbara Morgante, the CEO of Enaon Eda, Francesca Zanninotti and the CEO of Italgas, Paolo Gallo.

“Eighteen months after the closing, perhaps a little less, the path taken has been effective and above all faster than expected with the acquisition plan,” said Gallo, adding “Through investments, 25 territories have been connected covering a total of 800 kilometers of networks. In 2023 we recorded a 78% increase in investments compared to those of 2021 and we will do even better in 2024. We have reorganized the operating companies into a single DSO with important expected benefits in terms of greater efficiency, operational effectiveness and knowledge sharing. We are therefore very satisfied with the investment made in Greece.” The Group has already achieved some of the milestones expected at the time of closing and set in the Strategic Plan to 2029, with a 900 million euro investment programme. Among the main infrastructure projects carried out in the country, the entry into operation of the new city network of Kavala, the transformation from oil-derived products to natural gas networks in Thessalia and Attica and the installation of the first cryogenic LNG deposits in Florina and Kastoria, built according to the know-how developed in Italy for the methanization of Sardinia. “In 2024 we planned to extend the network and activate 13 new cities,” revealed the CEO of Enaon Eda, Francesca Zanninotti, adding “We will bring the experience gained by Italgas in Sardinia to these territories. In terms of growth, last year we activated 25,000 new customers and the plan for this year is to activate 38,000 thanks to the expansion into new areas”.

– Photo Italgas press office –


Source: medNews