Malta, more irregular migrants left than arrived in 2023

VALLETTA (ITALPRESS/MNA)- The Home Affairs Minister said that during 2023, Malta rescued 380 migrants, repatriated 315 to their country and relocated a further 159 to other EU countries.
While addressing the Parliament, Minister Byron Camilleri explained, “These results mean that during 2023, there were more irregular migrants who left Malta than there were arrivals”.
He added that during the same period, 1,391 third-party nationals were found to be staying in Malta illegally and were returned to their country of origin or their country of residence.
Camilleri said this process started before 2023 and is a result of key government’s decisions, including legislative amendments to ensure that the migration system was both firm and fair. “The migration system was now fair with those deserving of protection, but firm with those who had no right to stay in Malta. The new measures had seen investment in the asylum process including the setting up of the International Protection Agency and the Returns Unit. The former focused on pending asylum and protection applications and the latter on returning those people who had no right to stay in Malta”.He confirmed that the Maltese government is working closely with neighbouring countries, countries of origin and countries of transit to ensure there were fewer arrivals and fewer lives were lost at sea.
-photo Agenzia Fotogramma –

Source: medNews