Huthi attacks forced shipping companies to bypassing the Mediterranean

VALLETTA (ITALPRESS/MNA) – Several global shipping companies decided to divert their vessels away from the Red Sea, thus also bypassing the Mediterranean and failing to call at Malta.
This was confirmed by the Malta Freeport stating that the decision was the result of several attacks on shipping by Huthi rebels, off the coast of Yemen.
The Huthis say they are targeting Israel and Israeli-linked vessels to push for a stop to the offensive in the Gaza Strip, where Israel is battling Hamas terrorists. However several of the targeted ships have had no link with Israel.
Malta Freeport Chief Executive Officer Alex Montebello said, “Some services are managing to transit through the Red Sea and the Suez Canal, and these are calling at the Freeport, but certain others are having to take an alternative route round the Cape of Good Hope and bypassing the Mediterranean altogether.” Montebello added that the company is in constant contact with its customers.
Malta Freeport offers services to 115 ports worldwide, more than 50 of which are in the Mediterranean on 15 mainline services and several feeder routes operated by major shipping lines.
Malta Freeport relies mostly on container ships which sail to Malta direct from the Far East via the Red Sea and the Suez Canal and unload their cargoes in Malta for onward shipment on smaller vessels to several European harbours.
– photo screeshot Malta Freeport –

Source: medNews