Egypt suspends mediation between Israel and Hamas

CAIRO (ITALPRESS/MNA) – Egypt has decided to freeze its participation as mediator between Israel and Hamas in the Gaza conflict, following the killing of Saleh Al-Arouri, the deputy head of Hamas’ political office.
The Israeli Broadcasting Corporation reported this, citing anonymous sources. Egypt has officially informed Tel Aviv of the freezing of its role as mediator between Israel and the Palestinian factions in protest against the assassination of Al-Arouri.
Yesterday the “Al Arabiya” television channel cited sources according to which the Hamas movement had informed mediators to freeze negotiations on any truce or prisoner exchange with Israel, following the assassination of Al-Arouri.
Al Arabiya cited sources as saying that Al-Arouri was communicating with mediators to reach greater understandings regarding the truce, indicating that mediators are currently working to stop any possible major escalation following Al-Arouri’s assassination.
Mustafa Bakri, member of the Egyptian parliament, commented on the news broadcasted by the Israeli channel, stating that Egypt’s position is respectable and responsible. Bakri continues on his “X” account: “The Zionists have not fulfilled any promises or fulfilments, they beg Egypt, asking for its mediation to conclude a new prisoner exchange agreement, then they kill one of the most important leaders of the movement and continue their barbaric aggression against our people in Palestine”.
– photo Agenzia Fotogramma –

Source: medNews