A Malta-Catania flight delayed after the arrest of two passengers

LA VALLETTA (MALTA) (ITALPRESS/MNA) – Two passengers who were on board an Air Malta plane were stopped by police after they behaved inappropriately with the crew. Flight KM3642 from Malta to Catania was due to leave at 21.55 on Tuesday but departed at 02.15. Due to this significant delay, the crew’s shift on board the first plane ended and therefore another plane had to be used while passengers waited at the airport. As a result of this delay, flight KM3643 from Catania to Malta was delayed by several hours and ended at 04.00.
A spokesperson for the Malta Police confirmed that some passengers were disembarked at the request of the captain.
In 2022, several passengers were ordered to disembark from a flight at the airport after being caught with invalid documents.
– photo credit Malta Airport –

Source: medNews