Three million tourists expected to visit Malta in 2024

LA VALLETTA (MALTA) (ITALPRESS) – Malta is expecting a record arrivals of tourists in 2024 with Tourism Minister Clayton Bartolo saying that the authorities are expecting another historic year, with at least three million visitors expected to visit Malta by the end of next year.
“These positive results place a greater responsibility on us to continue making the necessary changes and reforms,” said Minister Clayton Bartolo, adding: “the priorities for the upcoming year will be primarily focused on attracting higher-quality tourists than ever before.”
The new record will surpass is the record set in 2019. Minister Bartolo said, “the real economic impact of tourism was to inject an incredible 2.8 euros billion into the Maltese economy alone”.
The Maltese government will be implementing an all-round skills reform, which targets improving standards in restaurants and various other establishments.
“We will introduce a comprehensive skills reform to enhance services in our restaurants and establishments. Moreover, we will intensify efforts in public cleanliness and maintenance,” Minister Bartolo added.
Recently the Tourism Minister has also warned restaurants against profiteering during the Christmas season, after complaints of sales being low despite tables remaining busy.
The Association of Catering Establishments confirmed that diners are spending less on their meals with establishments reported a reduction of 20% in sales.

– Photo Department of Information Malta –


Source: medNews