Hsbc Uk to close its global call centre

LA VALLETTA (MALTA) (ITALPRESS/MNA) – HSBC UK Bank decided to close the contact centre operations in Malta following an extensive review of the locations that serve its customers. Although the decision means a loss of around 200 jobs, the operations of HSBC Bank Malta plc. will not be affected. The call centre was opened in November 2006.
The workers were informed by the bank during a specially convened meeting as part of a wider restructuring exercise to streamline its operations.
Around 30% of the staff are Maltese. Local authorities have held discussions to explore the possibility of impacted employees moving to new opportunities at other local contact centres. Local operators in this sector showed they had a large number of vacancies and would facilitate the rapid re-employment of the contact centre employees.
In a statement HSBC Bank Malta p.l.c. said it remains an active participant in the local economy and community and is committed to offering the best service to its customers.
The Bank confirmed its investment in Malta as announced in August. Throughout next year, the Bank will be replacing and upgrading its ATM network and it will officially inaugurate its new premises – HSBC Hub – a capital investment of €30 million.

– Foto: HSBC Bank Malta plc


Source: medNews