Palermo, two liver transplants on Maltese patients at Ismett

PALERMO (ITALPRESS/MNA) – Two liver transplants on two Maltese patients were performed within a few hours in Palermo, at the Mediterranean Transplant Institute. Ismett is an excellent facility with almost twenty years of experience to treat patients from abroad.

“This success is also thanks to an agreement signed in 2011 between the Italian and Maltese authorities,” said Maurizio Di Fresco, Ismett International Patients Manager, adding, “the agreement offers benefits for both Maltese patients who can receive medical treatment at ISMETT that is not available in Malta, and for Italian patients. In fact, Malta sends to Italy the organs that are not used when a donor is identified”.

Allan Vassallo and Carmen Abela describe their experience at Ismett. “I am very happy with the experience I had, doctors and nurses were very kind”, explained Allan Vassallo, adding, “everything went great. All the hospital staff did their best to take care of me. I felt at home, like at Mater Dei in Malta, where the medical staff gives their all. Compared to before, I feel much better now.”

Carmen Abela described her experience at Ismett as fabulous. “When I was in Malta I was given a double option on where to get the transplant: United Kingdom or Palermo. I chose Sicily because I thought I would feel more comfortable with the Italians. It was an exceptional experience, I was struck by the age of the healthcare staff as they are all very young. I noticed that everyone is up to date with medical developments. I am very happy to have made the right choice and chose Palermo for my medical treatment”.

– Photo Italpress –


Source: medNews