Mediterranean, attempted murder of migrants by the Libyan coastguard

LA VALLETTA (ITALPRESS/MNA) – The German NGO Seawatch accused the Libyan coastguard of attempting murder in the Mediterranean despite several warnings by its crew onboard the aircraft Seabird operated by the same NGO. Seawatch reported that the Libyan coastguard rammed into a boat in distress, and due to the dangerous maneuver, the boat sank and 50 people fell into the sea. The NGO said that by the time the Seabird crew was on site searching for survivors, they could find none. “We cannot know if and how many people lost their lives. However, the survivors who made it aboard the Libyan patrol vessel are now illegally forced back to Libya”. Seawatch accused the Libyan coastguard, “funded and armed by Italy and Europe, consists of ruthless criminals.” It urged that it is the time for European states to stop supporting human rights violations”.

Foto: Agenzia Fotogramma

Source: medNews