Malta, two more Syrians charged for suspected terror accusations

LA VALLETTA (MALTA) (ITALPRESS/MNA) – Investigations by the police in Malta led to the arrest of three more Syrians, two of whom were remanded in custody for suspected terror accusations and the other one was released on bail after he was accused of money laundering. The Syrians had been arrested in connection with the recently re-opened magisterial inquiry into the publication of terrorism-related material on social media by a number of Syrian nationals residing in Malta suspected of being part of a terror cell of Islamic extremists. The police have not yet spoken to all witnesses and the investigation was focusing on 30 individuals, some of whom may also be arraigned. Plasterer Farhan Mohammed Sheikh, 29, and Abdulla Aliwi, 23, both from Homs, pleaded not guilty to terrorism charges. The Prosecuting inspector said that one of the defendants had entered Malta illegally, had no job and had no ties to the country. One of them had even gone to Greece to apply for refugee status before being sent back to Malta. The court denied bail after hearing the submissions described the nature of the charges as “most serious”. It also underlined the need to protect public order and security. Ebrahim Ahmad, 35, a plasterer from Homs was accused with money laundering and offering illegal banking services. He was also accused of conspiring to commit an offence in Malta. He pleaded not guilty. The man was granted bail against €40,000 deposit and an €80,000 personal guarantee. The defence informed the court that Ahmad was unable to pay the deposit and would be filing an application for a variation of his bail conditions in due course. The accused was remanded in custody until then.

Foto: Agenzia Fotogramma

Source: medNews