Italy-Tunisia agree on 4,000 non-seasonal workers per year

ROME (ITALPRESS/MNA) – Italy and Tunisia has signed an agreement authorizing 4,000 non-seasonal Tunisian workers every year.

The Minister of Labour and Social Policies, Marina Calderone said: “it is a concrete commitment by the Government to respond more adequately to the manpower needs of our production system and at the same time promote the management of regular, controlled and safe migratory flows of Tunisian workers.”

Minister Calderone made the statement on the sidelines of the signing of the three-year agreement, today in Tunis, by the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Antonio Tajani, and his Tunisian counterpart Nabil Ammar.

The memorandum provides simplified procedures for issuing visas and residence permits. Furthermore, as an exception to the general rule on this type of entry, the workers concerned will have the possibility to remain in Italy even at the end of the contract, for the period of validity of the residence permit, and access further employment opportunities and regular residence.

The memorandum defines a working plan and methods to implement the agreement, through the signing of a protocol between the respective specialized entities(on the Italian side Anpal Servizi) for the identification of sectors, level of skills and procedures for matching the supply and demand.

The minister also announced a pilot project approved by the ministry for the training of 40 workers in Tunisia, to be brought to Italy. However, this initiative does not fall under quotas decree, promoted by ANCE. This is the first project of this type thanks to the work entry reform promoted by the Government. This pilot project paves the way for a larger and more structured intervention for training in Tunisia and the entry into Italy of at least another 500 workers, financed through European resources and in collaboration with the International Organization for Migration.

– Photo: Agenzia Fotogramma –


Source: medNews