UN, Malta reiterate Ukrainès right to self defence

LA VALLETTA (MALTA) (ITALPRESS/MNA) – Maltese Prime Minister Robert Abela declared once again Maltàs support for Ukraine and called for Russia to stop its aggression against the country. During his address at the United Nations general assembly, Maltàs Premier declared “We cannot relinquish ourselves to living in a world where might is right”. Abela said that when the Russian Federation began its aggresion against Ukraine last year, it was violating Ukrainès sovereignty and territorial integrity. These acts constitute a blatant violation of the UN charter and also a violation of international law,” Abela said. He noted that Russiàs actions had been overwhelmingly deplored and rejected by the UN general assembly which called for Russiàs immediate withdrawal of its military forces and a cessation of hostilities. “This war profoundly undermines the multilateral system,” adding “the long term consequences of such actions by a permanent member of this council cannot be emphasised enough”. Robert Abela reiterated Maltàs full support for Ukrainès independence, sovereigity and territorial integrity within its internatinally recognised borders. “I equally underline Ukrainès inherent right to self defence,” he added. Ukrainian people, Abela said, paid the heaviest price as a result of “this unjustified and unprovoked war of aggression”. Through its actions, Russia not only did bring war back to Europès shores but also generated a global food crisis that has seriously impacted mostly developing countries around the world. “Using hunger and food supplies as weapons of war is completely unacceptable,” Abela said.
He said that there can be no peace if the strong can trample on the weak, if international law can be brushed aside, if geopolitical interests so demand and if the rights of states and individuals can be suspended or revoked at any time. He maintained that during these turbulent times the Security Council must be informed on the necessary measures needed for today’s world. “In this time of upheaval” he said, “our collective reply is to redouble our efforts and continue to invest in our multilateral system. In doing so, we must also reform this Council to make sure it is truly fit for purpose in today’s world – a Council that is more transparent, more effective, more representative, more accountable, and more democratic”. Maltàs committment to dialogue, peace and multilateralism, Abela said, remained as strong as ever. “We remain firm in our resolve to stay at the forefront of the defence of the United Nations charter.” No matter how difficult or disheartening circumstances may seem we must never give up on peace and dialogue, he said.
He said the nuclear threat still hangs as well as climate change while democracies and human rights are coming under continual attacks. “More than ever, the world needs an effective multilateral system with the United Nations at its core. We must redouble efforts to uphold and defend the fundamental principles that unite us. We must promote our common values at a time when they are being undermined and threatened. We must protect them and adequately respond to any contempt for such values”, Abela said.

– Photo: Department of Information Malta –

Source: medNews