Two out of six Maltese injured in a collision in Sicily brought to Malta

LA VALLETTA (MALTA) (ITALPRESS/MNA) – Following last Thursday head-on traffic accident on Via Peppino Impastato in Pozzallo Sicily, the Foreign Affairs Ministry in Malta confirmed that the first Maltese couple arrived in Malta on the catamaran on Friday evening, and are presently recovering at Mater Dei Hospital. The Ministry added that another Maltese national is being helped by his son and arrived in Malta on the catamaran in the last hours, but his wife needs the services of an air ambulance to return to Malta because of the injuries she sustained in the accident. In the case of the third couple, the man has been discharged from the hospital and is still in Sicily waiting for his wife, who also needs an air ambulance to return to Malta for treatment. In the case of the two women needing an air ambulance, talks are ongoing between the involved couples, the Mater Dei administration in Malta and the insurance companies, for the women to be brought over to Malta for treatment. One of them is suffering from an elbow fracture and the other woman needs hip surgery.(ITALPRESS).

Foto: Agenzia Fotogramma

Source: medNews