Success for the Egadi Blu Fest, the sea at the center of events

FAVIGNANA (TRAPANI) (ITALPRESS/MNA) – Success for the Egadi Blu Fest: the sea at the center of events, meetings, and tastings. A week of events on environmental awareness organized by the Municipality of Favignana, the managing entity of the “Egadi Islands” Marine Protected Area as part of the “AMPPA – Marine Protected Areas and Artisanal Fishing”, financed by the INTERREG V-A Italy-Malta Programme.
A series of environmental awareness initiatives on the themes of artisanal fishing, environmental sustainability, and the protection of protected areas characterized the festival which, through different means and languages, involved a large and attentive audience.
Following the “marine” workshops for children and the information points on the islands of Levanzo, Marettimo, and Favignana, the event came to life with two days dedicated to history, music, food, and local traditions. The underlying theme of the initiatives was one of the founding objectives of the cross-border cooperation project “A.M.P.P.A.”, which is the spreading of culture on the good and sustainable use of natural heritage. On stage, various protagonists took part and conveyed messages from different points of views about their passion and love for the sea.
Yesterday the festival ended with a cooking show dedicated to the importance and value of the blue fish, a unique show thanks to the talent of Peppe Giuffrè Cuciniere who cooked and shared a world of millenary traditions linked to cooking, fishing, and music of the Ciumara who fascinated those present with traditional “songs and enchantment”.
“We are happy to have seen great participation in the information and entertainment events of the AMPPA Project”, underlined the director of the Marine Protected Area Salvatore Livreri Console. “It is important to work in this sense to increase the sense of community and responsibility of citizens, tourists, and new generations for the protection of our great cultural and environmental heritage linked to the sea as well as artisanal and sustainable fishing.” “In addition to the protection of the sea and its natural habitats, the challenge in the coming months is that of concrete support for artisanal fishing activities so as not to lose, especially among the new generations, a profession which is a heritage of wisdom that our fishermen have been handed down over the centuries”, said the mayor Francesco Forgione. “But European regulations and the crisis in the sector also due to fuel costs risk bringing the entire sector to its knees”.
The “Egadi Islands”, the leader of the “AMPPA” project aims to contribute to the protection and safeguarding of the marine and terrestrial biodiversity of the marine protected areas (on the islands of Sicily and Malta) through the creation of systems and services for the protection and restoration of cross-border biodiversity. Project partners are the Regional Department of Mediterranean Fisheries, the Municipality of Ustica – the managing body of the Marine Protected Area of the Island of Ustica, the Gharb Local Council, and the Ghajnsielem Local Council.

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Source: medNews