Saved migrants expected to arrive in Trapani

LA VALLETTA (MALTA) (ITALPRESS/MNA) – The international NGO Alarm Phone confirmed that a group of migrants who were in distress are on their way to the port of Trapani. The migrants were saved by the crew onboard the rescue ship ‘Louise Michel’ following 12 hours of searching in the central Mediterranean.
Alarm Phone confirmed that the migrants were onboard a very unstable rubber boat. “It was a massive relief when the boat was finally spotted by Frontex aircraft Osprey 2, who called the Louise Michel. Our crew is now on its way to our assigned safe port, Trapani.”
The NGO added: “several people are suffering from fuel burns from the gasoline in the boat. As the weather is getting worse, we are more than glad that all survivors are now safely on board our ship and can hopefully rest a little bit.”
Alarm Phone added, “after informing the Italian authorities, they instructed us to look for the boat. Late at night, they retracted their order and told us to abandon the search for the boat as it was not at sea anymore.”
The NGO has also issued a warning to all migrants trying to escape from Northern Africa to Europe. “A severe storm is currently in the north Aegean and the Ionian seas. Extreme rain and winds will pose a threat to life. The storm is already moving west towards Italy and Malta”.

foto: Agenzia Fotogramma


Source: medNews