MED9 agreed on single vision for future of Med region within the EU

VALLETTA (MALTA) (ITALPRESS/MNA) – During a high-profile meeting of the leaders of the Southern European Union, the 10th Summit of the southern countries of the EU, also known as the MED9, which took place in Valletta, the leaders of the MED9 agreed on a joint statement focusing on ten challenges facing the Euro-Med region.

The summit brought together Heads of State and Government from Croatia, Cyprus, France, Greece, Portugal, Slovenia, Italy, and Malta, together with the Secretary of State for European Affairs of Spain.

In the joint declaration published at the end of the summit, the leaders of MED9 agreed on ten main points including solidarity in the face of natural disasters. The leaders expressed their deep sorrow and solidarity for the recent natural disasters in the region and pledged continued support to the affected areas.

They also agreed to address Russiàs aggression against Ukraine with MED9 leaders condemning Russiàs ongoing war and reaffirming their commitment to support the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Ukraine. They demanded that Russia cease military activities and withdraw from Ukraine immediately.

Regarding the issue of migration, the European leaders recognized the challenge of irregular migration and asked the European Union to address this challenge in a holistic way. They also emphasized the need for negotiations on the Pact on Migration and Asylum.

Regarding action against climate change, the summit highlighted the impact of climate change in the Mediterranean region, and emphasized the need for urgent climate action, adaptation efforts, and management of disasters.

European leaders also stressed the protection of natural resources and emphasized the importance of their protection and the promotion of sustainable practices, particularly in the maritime and energy sectors.

The summit also highlighted the importance of social policies, upskilling, and lifelong learning to empower citizens and reduce inequalities.

The leaders also called for reforms to strengthen economic growth and fiscal sustainability in the EU, while recognizing the need for a mid-term review of the Multiannual Financial Framework 2021-2027.

On the single market, the leaders said they are committed to improving connectivity, and addressing challenges in the transport and digital sectors.

MED9 leaders reaffirmed their commitment to EU enlargement, particularly in the Western Balkans, Moldova, and Ukraine.

The summit also highlighted the value of regional coordination among the MED9 countries in various thematic areas. Meanwhile the MED9 summit addressed a wide range of urgent issues facing the southern EU countries, and highlighted their commitment to regional cooperation. In fact the joint statement reflects their vision for the future of the Mediterranean region within the EU.

– Photo Department of Information Malta –


Source: medNews