Malta, high-level diplomatic talks between Usa and China

LA VALLETTA (MALTA) (ITALPRESS/MNA) – During the recent days, high level talks between the United States and China were held in Malta. Tension between the world’s largest two economies was incited by a number of factors. Relations between the two sides are not considered good following the incident of the Chinese spy balloon that was dropped in the United States and Chinàs support to Russia in the war against Ukraine. The bilateral talks hosted in Malta focused on a potential leaders’ meeting and other issues in the relationship including Chinàs support to the Russian war in Ukraine. The meeting is being seen as “a significant step in US efforts” to repair the deeply strained relations. The last time the two presidents met was last November during the G20 summit in Indonesia. The diplomatic meeting was between Jake Sullivan, the United States national security advisor to President Joe Biden, and Wang Yi, the Peoplès Republic of China Foreign Minister, who were also accompanied by their respective delegations. A meeting was also held between Maltese Prime Minister Robert Abela and Jake Sullivan. Both highlighted that the stability of the Mediterranean region is of paramount importance for global peace and security. Abela underlined the importance of global peace as a fundamental prerequisite for a prosperous world where the quality of life for people and communities enables nations to cooperate and address global challenges. In a statement, the Office of the Prime Minister said the weekend hosting of these discussions by Malta reaffirmed Maltàs longstanding role as a natural and safe place for holding high-level diplomatic discussions. “When called upon like these past days, Malta will continue to give its part to facilitate more open channels of communications in line with its longstanding position of advocating for a more just, peaceful and prosperous future”.
– Photo credit Doi –

Source: medNews