Trump imprisoned in Atlanta and released on bail

ATLANTA (UNITED STATES) (ITALPRESS/LA VOCE DI NEW YORK/MNA) – Former US President Donald Trump turned himself in the Fulton County Jail, near Atlanta, Georgia. As La Voce di New York reports, he had announced that he would appear in prison at 7.30 pm as he actually did. Helicopter footage showing long line of police and security services and a score of motorcycles, as they rode the 15 miles from Hartsfield-Jackson airport to the county jail, have entered the homes of millions of Americans showing a city where the only people in the street were agents and journalists and a small group of supporters of the former president on one side of the street while on the other there were people who want to see him in prison. In front of the prison there was a crowd of journalists and television crews camped out for days. There were no violent demonstrations. Within less than 45 minutes the former president entered the prison and after he was released. His mug shot was taken, never happened to a former American president.
Trump, who was accompanied by his lawyer, was read out the indictments for his attempts to overturn Georgiàs 2020 election defeat. Trump was arraigned on Aug. 14 charged with 13 felonies, including violating the statès anti-racketeering law by setting up a criminal organization, soliciting a public official to violate his oath, conspiracy to impersonate a public official, conspiracy to commit forgery in the first degree and conspiracy to present false documents.
Trump had changed his legal team. Drew Findling a well-known Atlanta attorney, was replaced by Steven Sadow. “He should never have been indicted. He is innocent of all the charges presented against him”, said Sadow who, moreover, was immediately called to his job even before the arrival of the former president because one of the 19 defendants, the lawyer Kenneth Chesebro, accused of having orchestrated the plan to send false voters to Congress, asked the magistrate for a shortened trial. The request was also supported by the district attorney Fani Willis who asked the magistrate to schedule the start of the judicial proceedings in two months for October 23. Steve Sadow objected and indicated that he would file a motion to separate his case, Trump’s, from Chesebròs, which would free him from expedited proceedings.
The matter now depends on Judge Scott McAfee, who handled the process of validating the arrests and bail bonds for the 19 defendants. A trial just two months from today seems implausible, given the number of defendants, pre-trial motions and the complex legal issues that could be discussed before a jury can start. Trump’s decision to switch attorneys came after Drew Findling negotiated a $200,000 bail for Trump. In the early afternoon, his former chief of staff, Mark Meadows, was released after posting $100,000 bail.

– photo: Agenzia Fotogramma –


Source: medNews