Malta, Sicilians caught fleeing a restaurant without paying

LA VALLETTA (MALTA) (ITALPRESS/MNA) – Following an incident involving five Sicilian youths who did not pay the bill after dining in a restaurant while on holiday in Malta, one of the youngsters’ father decided to settle the case by sending a monetary donation to a non-governmental organization in Gozo that promotes the welfare of people with special needs and their families.
The incident happened last Friday at Pasta and Co, a restaurant in Msida. The group of Sicilians fled from the restaurant as soon as they finished dining without paying the bill. The restaurant owners, Bertrand and Jacob, filed a report to the Police including CCTV filming showing the youths escaping from the restaurant. The police immediately started investigating the case.
As soon as the restaurant’s owners recognized the Sicilian accent, they contacted Corriere di Ragusa who reported the incident. Following the publication of the article and photos related to the incident, one of the youths’ father identified his son and reached the owners to settle the pending bill. Instead, the owners asked for a donation to be given to Arka Foundation in Gozo. The father offered his apologies, and instead of 100 euros, he donated 250 euros to the NGO.

– Foto: Sito web ristorante Pasta and Co –


Source: medNews