Malta, dozens of third-country nationals arrested

LA VALLETTA (MALTA) (ITALPRESS/MNA) – Dozens of migrants and foreign workers were arrested in recent days and weeks by the Maltese authorities during raids and inspections in various localities around Malta and Gozo. During the inspections, the police are targeting third-country nationals suspected that they are living or working in Malta without the necessary permits.
Upon arrest, the people are escorted on a police bus, taken to a detention centre, and following further investigations, they will be deported from Malta. Most of them are being rounded up in streets and on public transport.
The mass arrests of people from African and Asian countries are being carried out by the Policès Immigration Squad, assisted by the Detention Services. However, other joint inspections involving two government agencies; Identity Malta and Jobplus are targeting construction sites on suspicion of employing third-country nationals without the required working documents.
Identity Malta urged Maltese employers to take the required steps to determine their employees’ legal status, adding that “foreign workers, particularly those from countries outside the European Union, should have a Residence Permit that includes the employer’s information as well as the role for which he or she is employed.”
The police confirmed the raids and inspections will continue in the coming days and weeks.

– foto: CMRU – Polizia di Malta


Source: medNews