Malta, at least 21 people died due to the July heatwave

LA VALLETTA (MALTA) (ITALPRESS/MNA) – The Maltese health authorities confirmed that at least 21 people in Malta died in July suffering symptoms of heat exhaustion and dehydration as Malta and Gozo were hit by a heatwave. The temperature peaked on Monday 23 July at 42.7°C, with health authorities previously confirming that at least four people died of heat-related issues.
“Throughout July 2023, 21 deaths were registered with the National Mortality Register indicating dehydration and hypothermia as the main cause of death on the death certificate,’ the health ministry said. It added their ages ranged between 52 and 97 years old. The deaths were recorded as Malta struggled through a heatwave coupled with a series of power cuts lasting days at a time in some localities. Meanwhile, another long heatwave is expected in mid-August.

– photo Doi –

Source: medNews