Gianni Morandi in Malta as part of his Summer tour ‘Go Gianni Gò

LA VALLETTA (MALTA) (ITALPRESS/MNA) – The legendary Italian singer and songwriter Gianni Morandi returned to Malta as part of his Summer 2023 tour ‘Go Gianni Gò when on Saturday night he will take the stage at the iconic venue of Fort Manoel on Manoel island in Gzira.
The last time Gianni Morandi visited Malta was in 2019. “I love music, I love to be surrounded by people, I love what I do,” Italian pop culture icon Gianni Morandi told journalists at the Italian Cultural Institute in Valletta.
Asked about his relationship with the younger generations especially younger fans, Morandi explained that he continues to be himself, and to keep himself updated with contemporary music by listening to a lot of it. He does not only look back on his past hits but also works on new things. “I like to experiment. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t,” he said.
“I don’t make any efforts or try to become someone else. I try to give people courage and hope and send positive messages through my music,” he added.
The Italian Ambassador to Malta Fabrizio Romano, observed that having Morandi in Malta is a great asset for the embassy’s work, highlighting the importance of culture in bringing the two nations together.
Maltese Culture minister Owen Bonnici also spoke about the concert as an opportunity to strengthen bilateral relations between Malta and Italy.
During the press conference, Morandi also proceeded to call Pupo, who is in Malta for Notte Italiana with Pupo, which was held on Thursday.
In 2022, Morandi placed third at Sanremo with Apri tutte le porte. He also bagged the press room’s Lucio Dalla award.

– foto: Doi


Source: medNews