AMPPA Italy-Malta project, summer of events in Ghajnsielem

GHAJNSIELEM (MALTA) (ITALPRESS/MNA) – As the AMPPA Interreg V-A Italia Malta programme is coming to an end, the Ghajnsielem Local Council in Gozo continued to organise a series of events related with this project.
The Interreg V-A Italy-Malta Programme promotes the development of areas of common interest such as environmental protection, land and sea safety, cultural heritage, quality of life and citizens’ health.
During the events, the local council of Ghajnsielem took the initiative to involve different ages. The ‘Tombola in the Square’ event was aimed to the elderly whilst the ‘Echoes from the Sea’ event was aimed for a mass audience but mainly youths and families. Flyers and freebies for children were available in the information stand. Officials from Department of Fisheries also joined to share information about Marine Protected Areas and the Artisanal Fishing.
Kevin Cauchi, the Major of Ghajnsielem said “we are also excited about the new Environmental Education Center which is in advanced stage of completion”, adding that this project will be the legacy of the AMPPA Interreg V-A Italia Malta programme.
The programme aims to promote the sound scientific management of biodiversity in Sicilian and Maltese marine protected areas.
Three marine protected areas of the central Mediterranean take part, MPA “Isole Egadi”, MPA “Island of Ustica, MPA Gozo (including the municipality of Ghajnsielem).
It is a joint work between the Marine Protected Areas of the Egadi Islands, Ustica and Gozo (Malta) carried out in collaboration with the Regional Department of Mediterranean Fishing and the municipalities of Gharb and Ghajnsielem which aims – through the exchange of good practices and experimentation and awareness – to promote the conservation of marine biodiversity by maintaining the productivity of ecosystems and contributing to the economic and social well-being of human communities. The project also aims to create a new integrated management tool for MPAs that directly involves all operators (public bodies, fishermen, citizens, tourists, etc.) also through awareness-raising and environmental education actions.
The AMPPA project is a measure financed under the INTERREG V-A Italy-Malta Program with priority axis: III (environmental protection and promotion of efficient use of resources); specific objective: 3.1 (To contribute to halting the loss of terrestrial and marine biodiversity in the area by maintaining and restoring ecosystems and protected areas). Lead partner: Municipality of Favignana – Management body of the Marine Protected Area “Isole Egadi”; partners: Regional Department of Mediterranean Fishing; Municipality of Ustica – Management body of the Marine Protected Area of Ustica Island; Gharb Local Council; Ghajnsielem Local Council.
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Source: medNews