Tunisia, Italian guarantee of detainees “concern on the forced returns”

ROME (ITALPRESS/MNA) – Those who monitor the respect of fundamental rights of every person independently from the situation are showing their concern towards the actions taken by the authorities in Sfax.
Videos spread on social media these days and journalistic reports published by correspondents indicate a wave of xenophobic violence in Sfax and also signal that migrants are facing the risk of being abandoned in the desert.
All in Tunisia, a country with which Italy has agreements in place for forced repatriations. In a 2023 report presented to the Parliament, the National Guarantor of the rights of private individuals for personal freedom “systematically looks carefully on every negotiation for migration and asylum,” reads a note, “and already expressed concern about the possible forced relocation of migrants to transit countries even if not bound to the Geneva Convention”.
The report describes as an obvious concern the possible future repatriations of sub-Saharan citizens in Tunisia and the risk of exposing them to harassment and torture. The note concludes, “while expressing this fear, the National Guarantor is certain that solutions will be found in line with the Constitution and far from the inclination to outsource our responsibilities and protection.

– photo Agenzia Fotogramma –


Source: medNews