Malta, exceptional performance by Marco Masini left thousands in euphoria

LA VALLETTA (MALTA) (ITALPRESS/MNA) – The sensational Italian singer and songwriter Marco Masini took the stage with his band during a live concert in Malta at the Ghaxaq Music Festival where he delivered an exceptional performance that left thousands in awe. The Ghaxaq Music Festival, a festival of music spread over two days, reached its peak last night with Masini’s great performance. This was Masini’s fourth visit to Malta. The Italian singer is known for his lyrics, that reflect the various emotions and events man goes through during one’s lifetime. Known for his powerful vocals and emotional performances, Masini mesmerized the audience with his chart-topping hits. During last night’s performance, Marco Masini interpreted the many love songs for which he is known, including Ti Vorrei, Principessa and T’Innamorerai, a 30-year-old melody that also gives its name to his tour. Marco Masini said he is always happy to come over to Malta for a singing engagement, as he feels very welcomed. “It’s lovely to be back, I am always given a great welcome. It is incredibly satisfying for us to deliver new material as well as other material that is part of my recent performances.” When asked about the Italian music scene, Marco Masini said new talent is constantly surfacing, adding that he believes very much in Italian youths and their musical talent. Masini won the San Remo festival on two occasions: in 1990 when he won the Novitá category with the song Disperato, and in 2004 when he again won the festival with the song L’Uomo Volante. (ITALPRESS).

Foto: Foto: Ghaxaq Music Festival

Source: medNews