Italy-IOM agrees on diaspora involvement in Tunisia

TUNIS (TUNISIA) (ITALPRESS/MNA) – Italy and the International Organization for Migration signed an agreement on diaspora engagement in the implementation of phase 2 of the Mobi-TRE project/”Migration as a resource for the mobilization of the Tunisian diaspora and the stabilization of disadvantaged communities in Tunisia”, funded by the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation(AICS). The agreement was signed, at the residence of the Italian Ambassador in Tunis.

The new agreement is based on the successes and lessons learned during the first stage of the project which will continue to provide the Tunisian diaspora with the most appropriate tools to contribute to the development of their country of origin, stimulate investment and entrepreneurship among the young people and women from the most vulnerable regions and with high rates of migratory mobility, and create sustainable decent jobs for all.

The signing of the agreement with the IOM “is further testimony of the global approach promoted by the Italian Government for its strategic planning in the field of human mobility. With this new contribution of 2 million euros, we reiterate our commitment to invest in human capital as an invaluable source for the development of the country,” said the Italian ambassador, Fabrizio Saggio.

The Head of the AICS office in Tunis, Andrea Senatori said “Mobi-TRE is one of the most innovative projects we finance, because, for the first time, it involves the Tunisian diaspora in new investments in their country of origin, encouraging their active participation in development actions, away from traditional models. The diaspora, by its nature, is firmly linked to the territory of origin and destination, but can be both a cultural bridge and a lever for economic development”.

Under the first phase of Mobi-TRE, 56 business projects in 14 governorates have enabled the creation and consolidation of 367 jobs, of which 151 with regular employment contracts, particularly for young people between 18 and 30 years old (60%), 76% of which are women.

Azzouz SAMRI, Head of the IOM mission in Tunisia stressed “IOM Tunisia is delighted with the success of the first phase of Mobi-TRE in partnership with the AICS, and looks forward to the renewal of the second phase which aims to consolidate the results obtained in strengthening the engagement of the diaspora and its contribution to the development of Tunisia”.

To create greater ties between the country of origin and target those through a transnational development perspective, phase 2 of Mobi-TRE will extend its action to Tunisians residing abroad in Germany, Saudi Arabia, Ivory Coast, France, and Italy. This is based on several criteria, particularly in France, Italy, and Germany, on economic cooperation and historical migratory relations with the Ivory Coast, and financial aid from Saudi Arabia. An innovative aspect of this second phase will be the technical support provided to companies, which will enable them to enter new markets and sell their products online. Finally, even more than in the first phase, priority will be given to women and young people, vulnerable groups, and business projects based on a social and solidarity economy capable of creating direct and indirect employment, as well as a sustainable environment.

– photo press office Agenzia Italiana per la Cooperazione allo Sviluppo (AICS) –


Source: medNews