Two groups of migrants at risk in central Mediterranean

LA VALLETTA (MALTA) (ITALPRESS/MNA) – 50 migrants are in distress and risking dying following their escape from the Libyan coast. This was confirmed by the international NGO Alarm Phone. It said that is in contact with the group of migrants. According to the migrants, the engine stopped working, the boat is adrift and water is entering the boat. Alarm Phone confirmed that the authorities were alerted and urged that a fast rescue is needed to save the migrants to a place of safety.
Meanwhile, another group of 14 migrants who left Libya is in distress in the Central Mediterranean region. Alarm Phone confirmed that it has established contact with the migrants who are on a rubber boat in the Maltese Search and Rescue zone. The Maltese authorities are informed about the situation, however until now, no rescue operation was launched to save the migrants.

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Source: medNews